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eyeReports Renewal

Hello dear eyeReports client,

My husband, Stephen Rosenbaum, passed away on June 30. Thank you for your interest in renewing, however please know that while I can process a renewal for you, Stephen was the creator and brains behind eyeReports. My skill set is limited to creating your renewal reports with the updated expiration date and a valid data connection source. While I will be happy to help if I can, support of eyeReports is just not my expertise. Your support will be the Knowledgebase and Video Tutorials.

If you are already comfortable using eyeReports and with using the extensive Knowledgebase and Video Tutorials found on this website, I know Stephen would be happy to know that this great legacy of eyeReports is still in use.

If you want to discuss the renewal, or any other issues, please contact me via email below.

Thank you for your understanding,

Rebecca Snyder

Renewal Form

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** Clients with multiple locations that share the same database do not need a renewal code.
A Multi-location renewal code is required only for clients where each location has a different database.