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eyeReports Renewal

Our founder, the creator of eyeReports and my husband, Stephen Rosenbaum, passed away on June 30, 2018.

Please know that I can process your eyeReports renewal, however Stephen was the expert behind eyeReports and I do not have the subject matter expertise that he had. While I will always help if I can, I think you will find that the Knowledgebase and Tutorials on this website are a valuable support resource.

As a renewing client who has been successfully using eyeReports for years, I am happy to handle the renewal for you, and I know Stephen would be happy to know that this great legacy of eyeReports is still in use and helping your practices today.

If you want to discuss the renewal, a lifetime license which removes the annual expiration date, or any other issues, please contact me via email below.

Rebecca Snyder

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** Clients with multiple locations that share the same database do not need a renewal code.
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